I was delighted when Michelle Holmes agreed to an interview on everything to do with Goodnight Sweetheart, in which she played Yvonne in the first three series, wife of Nicholas Lyndhurst’s time traveller, Gary Sparrow.


How did you come to be cast as Yvonne in Goodnight Sweetheart?

I went along for about 5 auditions and through a process of many girls and eventually got the part!

What were your initial thoughts on the concept behind the series?

I thought the scripts were amazing, a really great idea, I knew Nicholas Lyndhurst was playing Gary but I’d no idea at the time how popular the fascination with time travel was. I knew there was a huge fondness and love for the 40’s but I had no idea it would be still talked about and watched today!

Did you already know any of the cast before working on the series?

I didn’t know anybody before the show started! I think I knew our warm up guy at the time, the wonderful Ted Robbins!

Did you ever wish Yvonne could participate in the 1940s time travel scenes and was it strange that you only worked regularly on screen with one half of the cast, the modern day characters?

Yes, I love the 40’s and always wished I could do stuff in that era, especially the clothes, hair and makeup!  We always worked together anyway as we rehearsed all week together, then filmed it in front of a live studio audience. So we were always together.

How did you make sure Yvonne was harsh enough to give Gary a hard time, but appealing enough that he wanted to come back to her from the 1940s?

That was always my main concern when we were filming the series, he had to love them both. If he didn’t love them both, it would be over and we would never believe it, even though it was comedy. Hope that came across?


Do you have a favourite memory or episode from the series?

I can’t remember really!! It was so long ago and I’ve never watched it since. Just the whole thing really, the cast, the studio audience days, the fun we had on the live night plus the backstage nerves. The HAIR, oh the big curly hair and how long it took to do that and the second and third series it was a wig because I was filming “Common as Muck”. We had a great time doing it!

Why did you leave the show after the third series and have you ever regretted it?

I was so busy with different projects and a family member was also very very poorly and passed away just after the third series. I was doing “Common as Muck”, “Firm Friends”, “Emmerdale” and other stuff during that time and had another “Common as Muck” to complete.

Did you keep in touch with any of the cast and did you watch the subsequent series and the 2016 revival?  If so, what did you think?

The days before social media, emails and mobile phones. You keep in touch for a while but then life moves on. I keep in touch now with Victor McGuire. Unfortunately I was moving home when the 2016 episode was on and I had no TV so I completely missed it.

What have been your career highlights since leaving Goodnight Sweetheart and what’s next?

I’ve done so much since Goodnight Sweetheart in the last 21 years, “Common as Muck” is very dear to my heart. I’ve had so much fun in many of the various TV series over that time, I loved my character in “The Chase”. Loved playing a detective in “Above Suspicion”. I’m very very lucky that I love what I do and I have so much fun doing it.

If you could go back in time, when and where would it be to?

Definitely to see loved ones who have passed away, my Nana and Grandad and my cat Betty Boo!


My thanks to Michelle for this interview and for supply of the accompanying photographs.