For me the Great Interior Design Challenge is the most watchable interior design programme since the days of Changing Rooms in the 1990’s, and certainly it seems the most talked about.  That said, the show is very different to Changing Rooms, more serious though still accessible, an opportunity for aspiring designers, rather than have a go amateurs.  So why is it so appealing?  Seeing so many different and impressive properties from across the country is interesting in itself, and then many of the designs are quite stunning, although there are some that underwhelm, but none that you hate in the way in which you might have done in Changing Rooms.  The professional designers, Daniel Hopwood and Kelly Hoppen, unlike in Changing Rooms, play the role of judges, and Hopwood’s yellow trousers rival Laurence Llewellyn Bowen’s flowery suit.  Again in common with Changing Rooms, the person that pulls everything together into the whole we so enjoy, is an absolutely essential part of the show, and I’m certain the boundless enthusiasm of Tom Dyckhoff is a key part of what makes it such an enjoyable watch (although his regular line about how long the designers have had their briefs does make me snigger).  So GIDC looks set to remain the standout interior design show of the decade and I hope it will be back next year, yellow trousers and all!


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